Professional pianist

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The Music Begins

A Georgia native who now calls South Carolina home, Victoria has been playing the piano in churches since she was 10 years old. When the minister of music at her church overheard her practicing for her first piano recital in an empty choir room, he urged her to play in church. But he threw her in the deep end by scheduling her to play on a Sunday morning instead of first putting her in front of their smaller Wednesday night crowd. Despite her fear of playing in front of so many people at the tender age of 10, Victoria agreed to play in that Sunday morning service…

and she’s been playing in churches ever since then.

The Music Continues

Victoria has worn many church music hats -- church pianist, interim pianist, performance pianist, keyboardist, organist, violinist, composer, arranger, solo handbell ringer, choir director and piano teacher, as well as a vocalist in choirs, ensembles and solo presentations. She’s played with equal ease as the sole instrumentalist or as an ensemble musician with orchestras and praise bands at various churches.  Victoria's diverse playing styles include classical piano, southern gospel, traditional hymns and contemporary Christian music.

Need a pianist in a pinch?

Church Services

-- interim pianist for short-term commitments --

-- Sunday morning substitute pianist --

-- piano soloist for special music (preludes, offertories, etc.) --

-- ensemble pianist with other instrumentalists and/or vocalists --

Orchestral Pianist

or praise band keyboardist


classical or contemporary, custom-tailored


compassionate, comforting, custom-tailored

Piano Concerts/Programs
(senior church groups a favorite)
"Growing up Baptist -- A Musical Journey"
Take a stroll down Baptist musical memory lane and hear familiar songs you may have learned in primary choir, vacation Bible school, old-time tent revivals, gospel singings and more.

Reasonable Rates

Prompt & Prepared